It’s been a while…

Circling back on feeding kids in the am.  

I’m learning about feeding my kids in the morning helps set them up for success in the morning.

My Failure:  No “good fat”

I was giving them a lot of fruit, some carrots, celery, toast and lunch meat (usually turkey).  Some items would vary depending what was in the fridge.

This is an awesome start, however the brain needs “good fat” to optimize learning for the day!

Test:  what “good fats” will they eat?

My daughter likes grass fed butter, avacado & milk.  My son likes pepperoni.  Every kid is different so it is up to us parents to ensure kids get “Good fats” so they are set up for success!
I’ve noticed my kids are more optimistic and more open to fun conversation leading up to class.

“Good fats” can be found in many ways.  Make sure to seek or test what kinds of ” good fats” your kids like to eat!  You and your kids will be a lot happier and set up for the day!
“Good fats” to try:

Coconut Oil, grass fed butter, grass fed beef, naturally raised bacon, olive oil, macadamia nut oil And more!
Feed your brain & your kids’ brains with the best “good fats”!

Enjoy & more links to come .

Why do I fail everyday?

Tomorrow is going to be different!

I’m going to get up early, eat good.  Feed the kids a protein filled breakfast.

Everyday is a struggle.

The house is a mess.

Struggle to wake up.

Struggle to get kids ready and off to school.

Struggle to be happy about the work day.

Should I be bummed like this all the time?

Time to change the habits that send me to failure.

Today I will find little (micro) habits to pull myself out of failure.

Today I will get some easy wins checked off which will encourage me to seek and continue little positive habits!

Start small :). There is no reason to make this hard.  Make it simple.

Blogger, James Clear is an incredible resource for your habit changes!  Check it out here!

I have already started to find little habits.

  1. Make my bed!  Perfect micro habit!  Feels great to get this done and when I get home the bed looks great!
  2. 1 push up a day!  This is my favorite.  I started this a few years ago and now I’m up to an average near 100 per day.  If I have a free moment, drop and do 5.  Easy!
  3. Eat a vegetable when you are hungry.  Not sugar or carb!  This is a game changer.  Switching veges for sugar & carbs over time will not only change a habit, also change you body chemistry to burn fat!  Sweet!

Remember, start small.  The reward of a quick accomplishment will drive you to keep it up!

“Forget Motivation, just do it” – John Maxwel, The 15 Laws of Invaluable Growth

I challenge you today.  Find one little habit which is the smallest step to one thing you want to accomplish.

Use a failure as a signal of where you want to start!

Flip your failure into a little positive habit!


“Go-To Guy”

I am the “Go-To Guy”.

At my day job lots of people come to me for information.   Being the  “Go-To Guy” will result in failure in many ways!  I will hit on one.

1.  “The quickest way to failure is pleasing everyone

Yep, I messed up.  I listen to my Dad on that one…

I learned and still learning to set boundaries!

I create a plan for my self & I work the plan.  Plan the work-work the plan!  Stay true to your boundaries around your plan.  Some times you have to say “no” to people however you do with grace.

Having boundaries is not license to be mean.  You may not be “pleasing” everyone’s needs, but you will still need to be “pleasant” to be around.

Michael Hyatt has numerous podcasts explaining this idea.  I encourage you to listen here.
Hurry Up And Fail

& keep learningūüėÄ

Brooks Faris

What Should You Do?

I don’t have the answer to your question. ¬†Not even close! ¬†But YOU do!

You will ask this question. ¬†What should I do? ¬†You will do what you have always done. ¬†You will do what your Dad or Mom did. ¬†Or you will do what a friend did. ¬†What happens? ¬†Maybe it works – a little. ¬†Or FAILURE…

One of the most awesome Failures you make is mimic someone else and it does not work for YOU.

Now, what should you do?  Listen to podcasts.

Find your own path! ¬†When you keep failing at what others are doing and it’s not working, now is your opportunity to LEARN to accomplish it YOUR¬†way.

You may hate me for saying this… ¬†You will need to listen to what other people are doing. ¬†But wait! ¬†Don’t do exactly what they do. ¬†Be picky and “Steal Like and Artist“! ¬†Seek the 1 or 2 steps that will help you and discard the rest.

Podcasts are an incredible way to listen and learn from a wide variety of people who you can borrow some (or all) of their steps to help you accomplish your objective.

In 2016 I need to reduce my alcohol consumption. ¬†I’ve tried exactly what others are doing. ¬†Not working for me. ¬†In a Bulletproof podcast I learned about Bulletproof Coffee. ¬†It’s amazing now. ¬†I have a¬†Bulletproof coffee in the morning and my cravings for alcohol are super low now because the butter and MCT oil gives me energy – I don’t even think about alcohol!

Not the solution for everyone, however I found one step out there which fit for me.

I encourage you to think about the challenges you have or opportunities you want to capture and reach out and listen to a relevant podcast.  Listen and think about the steps people have taken in their journey.  Listen to their FAILURES!  What did they learn and what steps did they take going forward?  Now visualize yourself in your situation.

Any steps you heard apply? ¬†YES and do them! ¬†You just learned a valuable step from someone’s FAILURE. ¬†It still may not work 100%, however this new step is steeped in experience. ¬†FAIL a little and make it better!

Keep Failing, Keep Learning!




Hurry up and Fail!

The only way to find out if anything will work is to try it.  Let’s rock!

First concept I want to mention which inspired me to begin is Pod-casts.

Pod-casts have been super informative and inspirational to me over the last 3 years.

My first pod-cast was “entreleadership” which is under the Dave Ramsey umbrella organization.

Some words to remember: “when all is going wrong, nothing seems to work, issues are slamming at you – it feels like you are swimming in a pit of manure!  Feels bad, smells bad, looks bad and worse, no end in sight.”  -Dave Ramsey

Dave mentions, swimming in manure builds muscle.

If  you churn that manure enough it turns into fertilizer.

At some point you start to grow.

what should I do now?

try something new and fail.

what’s the point?

keep at it.


you want to grow.




Hurry Up And Fail!


Hurry Up And Fail.

Why would anyone want to “hurry up and fail”? ¬†Sounds silly.

We will eventually fail.  Even things we do well!

Let’s take advantage of our failures and LEARN!

We learn by doing, failing, learn & doing again better.

Please Hurry Up And Fail!